I’m pretty sure in your late 20s it’s a universal feeling to not know what the f*ck you are doing. Especially in this day and age with social media constantly bombarding us all with everyone else’s journey and accomplishments, causing us to wonder what we are doing wrong.

Well it’s a hard thing to accept but we aren’t doing anything wrong. It is just not our path, it is as simple as that. However, it is not that simple, to engrain this notion into your head so that we keep our own vision straight instead of being distracted by those around us. Comparison only holds you back. It holds you back from YOUR own path… YOUR timeline.

I’ll tell you what. I love boxing and fitness. I never feel more at home than in a boxing gym or in a training session. Now, boxing is becoming very mainstream, which is great. Having more and more people experience boxing fitness in their everyday life is wonderful.

I have always been interested in sharing my love of boxing with the world, but I’ve also never made the leap to really make boxing my priority. I have instead stuck to my 9 to 5 (but really its 8-8 at LEAST, basically 7 days a week). I can sit here and compare myself to others and their journey excelling in the fitness industry, making moves and perfecting their craft. I can feel sorry for myself that I have “no time” to grind it out to get better and better. I can do a lot of self pitying and comparison but at the end of the day its simple: I made the choice to put my priorities elsewhere, and I have a different path. But that isn’t to say I won’t be doing what I love, or what I am meant to do.

We all have our own destiny, our own purpose. We are unique and on our own path. We have to start laser focusing on our goals and find discover our why, our passion, and move forward on our road to it
Guys its SO HARD. But it will ultimately make your own purpose more clear. Focus on you. Put you first. Be your authentic self, do you.  And You will end up exactly where you are supposed to be.




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