Meal Prep Made Enjoyable

Meal prep! * cue collective groan *

I know, I know. Meal prep has gotten a bad rep, it can be boring and tedious, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve collected a few tips to spice up that meal prep routine!

    1. Make Time: Ideally would love to dedicate an entire day for meal prep, but let’s be real, we don’t always have that kind of time. However, try to carve out a good chunk of your day for your prep, feeling rushed is no fun at all.
    2. Invest in your food storage: This might sound insane, but you’d be surprised how excited you can get over new containers! Pick out a set that’s going to work for you, and get you excited to fill them up with your delicious food!
    3. Bomb Playlist: Crank that s**t up and get to work! Just like in your workouts, music can motivate you in the kitchen!
    4. Try Something New: A new recipe is a great way to keep things fresh. Get a new cook book and do some exploring! The last thing you want is to get bored eating the same thing every week.

    5. Squad Up: Invite friends over and make an event out of it! I always see so many different meal ideas on my friends’ Instagram, why not cook together! Meal Prep Party complete with copious amounts of Rosé? Yes please. I’ll be awaiting my invite.
*PC:  Maarten van den Heuvel, Mariana Medvedev, Toa Heftiba, Vincenzo Landino on Unsplash

Who else has some fun meal prep ideas? I want to hear them! Let’s collaborate and make something delicious!

More meal prep tips and recipes coming soon:)



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